Campus ERP System

Optimize Educational Operations at a Reduced Cost, Improved Speed, and Efficiency

Automate and Streamline the core operations of your Higher Education institute with Campus ERP System.

Campus ERP system

Campus ERP Solution

Go Paperless by Implementing Campus ERP Software at your Educational Institute

Modernize the Campus along with upgrading the planning and management of operations related to Students, Administration, and Faculty.

The trend of digitization and automation is growing and will reach its peak in the future. Campus ERP is a set of technologies that modernizes the campus along with upgrading the planning and management of operations related to students, administrations, and faculty and it is positively impacting the educational ecosystem. symphonyX is an incredible piece of educational technology that helps institutes to automate all the operations and reduce the need for doing repetitive tasks. Thus, for the improvement in education and relationship among institutes, parents, and students, it is essential that every higher education institute must adopt this latest technology-

  • Reduces manual work
  • Affordable customization
  • Academic and non-academic department’s operations are synchronized
  • Data Security
  • 24/7 online availability and offline support for parents, students & employees
  • Ability to manage multiple institute branches from one platform
  • Simplifies complexity and reduces the time
  • Generate Reports
  • User-friendly design
  • Cloud-based tool
Campus ERP Software

Make your Educational Institute Paperless

Key Features

Automate all academic operations and reduce the need for doing repetitive tasks. 

Admissions Management System

Admissions Management System

Admissions management is one of the crucial and complex administrative tasks. Each application consists of many pieces of information about the applicant including their date of birth, marks, specialization, and more. For admissions, one needs to check all the records. The admission process becomes extremely time-consuming if it is done manually. However, a Campus ERP software automates all the complex processes and displays the necessary information in a single place which makes it easier for the administrator and thus speeds up the admission process.

Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System

Campus ERP software enables the faculty to automatically upload student attendance and to have a personalized dashboard for each student. Faculty can capture attendance in multiple ways i.e. faculty taking attendance on an app/web-panel, or uploading attendance by excel file. It also provides Bluetooth support to record student’s attendance through a mobile application. It helps to enhance student’s punctuality and retention ratio in the class. The college administrator can generate various student and faculty attendance reports to monitor their daily activities.

Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Intending to provide an uninterrupted learning experience, campus ERP has a LMS. It helps institutions to achieve their educational goals by digitizing the traditional classrooms and using novel teaching approaches while retaining a student-centric approach. It delivers personalized content to accelerate learning. It provides a virtual communication platform to help teachers & students to collaborate at any given point and bridge the communication gaps. With the help of LMS, teachers can upload notes on the system which can be viewed by students across campuses.

Fee Management System

Fee Management System

The next most imperative feature on the list is a fees management system. Fees collection is the most tedious task for any college or university and it requires precise attention to manage it. Moreover, the manual fees calculations never guarantee 100% accuracy. Implementing campus ERP software is a smart decision as it automates the fee payment & collection procedure, delivers accurate fees-related calculations, and also saves enormous time and effort of the administrative staff.


Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Campus ERP system simplifies and streamlines the functions of the HR department of an educational institute. The educational institutes have various HR functions like staff recruitment, administration, training etc. The campus ERP system automates the daily HR operations and manages the payroll, deductions, salary slips of staff members. The system provides a single place for storing all the staff information. It also helps to configure and maintain staff working hours and leaves.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Campus ERP system?

    Campus ERP is the complete enterprise system for colleges and universities that automates their academic and administrative processes. It brings all the stakeholders to a single cloud-based system to provide strong platform-based connectivity for truly digital operations.

  2. What are the key advantages to colleges and universities?

    It covers attendance, grades, library, inventory, hostel, HRMS, transport, and many other important things. Managing these resources digitally doesn't only improve respective department efficiency but provides a better experience to all the stakeholders.

  3. What is the campus ERP solution?

    Campus ERP solution is a set of technologies that streamlines and automates the campus along with upgrading the planning and management of operations related to students, administrations, and faculty to positively impact the educational ecosystem.

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