An all in one ERP Solution for Academic Campuses

A Cloud hosted software suite for institutions seeking an end-to-end Academic ERP solution that automates the functioning of all departments of the campus. Having ‘Student Lifecycle’ automation at its core symphonyX also offers Classroom Learning (LMS), Admissions, Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting, Procurement, and Campus Administration.


Being offered as a software service on Cloud and having a modular design, symphonyX enables the institutes to implement it as suitable to their pace of automation and financial budget. Beginning with the symphonyX ‘Student Lifecycle’ for automation of academic processes, an institute can scale up the system by adding other components as required. Being a Cloud offering the system can be scaled up quickly without any hassles.


Developed using contemporary technologies, symphonyX offers in-depth functionality combined with highly versatile user interface that lets the users understand and adopt it effortlessly. A product from LIBSYS, which has been developing and deploying software products in academic domain for over 35 years, symphonyX comes with excellent support services provided by a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals.


In short, symphonyX is the all-in-one ERP solution for campus automation.


Classroom Learning

Provide the next level of classroom learning experience to your Faculty and Students


An end-to-end software suite for managing academic courses throughout the semester. It provides a seamless interface for managing all academic activities and interactions between the faculty and students of each course and empowers the students to learn and collaborate from anywhere and at any time through online lectures, assignments, and study material.


Missing a class is now passe with comprehensive automated calendar and notification system. Faculty can use innovative designed course planning and student assessment framework that fully supports OBE.


Student Lifecycle Management

Bring Academic Staff, Students, and Administration on a Single Digital Platform 


The symphonyX Student Lifecycle provides a process flow to manage study of programs throughout the academic year and its stages, till issuance of degree. Beginning with online admissions, the Student Lifecycle covers the different stages of academic journey of the students till they become alumni. It has Fee, Timetable, Placement, Alumni, Hostel and Health Management modules to automate all the activities related to students.


The faculty can smoothly manage their academic courses and classroom teaching during the semester using the advanced features available in symphonyX Classroom Learning, which is an inbuilt component of Student Lifecycle. It provides a seamless interface for managing all academic activities & interactions between the faculty & students of each course


More ERP Systems

Automate and Streamline all operations of your Higher Education institute 


After automating its core academic activities on symphonyX  ‘Classroom Learning’ and ‘Students Lifecycle’, institute can upscale its automation to full-fledged symphonyX ‘Campus ERP’ by automating the functioning of other departments of the campus including Human Resource, Procurement & Stores, Financial Accounting, Transportation and General Administration. All the modules adhere to the best practices of the respective domains with processes customized for academic institutions and their statutory reporting needs.


symphonyX HRMS handles the entire employee journey, from recruitment process to ‘exit’.


Financial Accounting in symphonyX is tailored to meet the specific accounting needs of academic institutions.


Procurement & Stores facilitates activities of acquisition, maintenance and utilization of assets and consumables.


Campus Administration provides an array of modules related to general administration including file circulation, transportation and campus security.


Admissions CRM

An innovative CRM for acquiring and nurturing admission leads and maximizing the enrollments


To boost the admission process,  TargetX online admissions platform offers an innovative CRM. The institutes facing the challenge of managing admission leads and maximizing their enrollments can opt for TargetX CRM. Its contemporary, dashboard-based interface lets the counsellors and admission managers nurture leads systematically and bring them to enrollment.


It also provides insightful analytics on various lead sources and marketing campaigns and the productivity of the counsellors.


Admissions Enrollment

Reach Your Admission Targets Fast


The Online Admissions platform (TargetX) seamlessly integrated with symphonyX ERP gives a smooth start to the academic journey. It manages the entire admissions cycle. The students and institutions together follow the entire admission process in a streamlined manner using this platform.


The Students can conveniently apply for admissions without any need of visiting campus. Online Counselling process lets the applicants accept the allocated seat and pay first fee from their portal thus completing their enrollment process with great ease. TargetX helps the institutes to enroll the best students at a much lower cost per admission.

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