Changing Paradigm in Classroom Learning…

Managing a Course through an entire Semester…


A buzzing Classroom is like a symphony whose conductor is the faculty in charge of the course managing students representing the orchestra throughout the semester. symphonyX is an end-to-end software suite for managing academic courses throughout the semester.


symphonyX provides a seamless interface for interactions between the faculty and students of each course. All academic activities such as labs and tutorials are managed by symphonyX, which encourages further interactions between faculty and students with discussion forums.


symphonyX includes a comprehensive automated calendar and notification system which generates an automated schedule of all course events and activities based on the syllabus, allowing faculty to instantly make changes and updates. 


The symphonyX student assessment framework provides evaluation support to faculty with contemporary techniques popular in education fraternity. Students are kept informed of their performance throughout the semester.


symphonyX has new distance learning features where classroom activities can be replaced by online teaching using any standard communication framework such as Microsoft Team, Zoom, and Webex.


As the show comes to an end after the completion of all the semester’s activities, a flexible relative grading tool assists faculty in deciding each student’s final grades, giving an indication of lowering of curtains to the beautiful symphony that is a Classroom.

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Faculty Interface

Faculty, the Conductor of the Classroom!

The conductor of the orchestra, the faculty, plans, motivates and mentors students through the semester with the objective of enhancing their learning experience. The dynamics provided by symphonyX allow the faculty to remain in total control of the classroom all the time, evolving and changing the course as the semester progresses. The students in the classroom are divided into groups for lab work, tutorials and projects, and the assessment process allows for performance in each of the activities covering the curriculum. The quizzes and assignments can be spread over the semester as desired by the instructor. The exams are scheduled as per the institute calendar as well. Rescheduling of any activity by faculty automatically gets reflected in all the plans and schedules instantly through the automation of symphonyX. At the end of the semester, with the help of the easy-to-use assessment tools of symphonyX, the faculty can assign a grade to each student in the classroom which is a fair reflection of their mastery of the course material.

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Student Interface

Well Informed Student!

The students are the players in the orchestra, buzzing with excitement in the classroom through the entire semester. symphonyX provides students the tools they need to excel in their studies while keeping up with the extra-curricular activities around campus. 


symphonyX keeps students informed on the topics to be covered in the course in advance, allowing students to be prepared for the next lecture.  The course material, quizzes and assignments are linked to the topics of the course, making planning easier for both students and faculty. Participation in discussion forums initiated by the faculty keeps students engrossed in interesting subjects, and the direction given by the faculty in the discussions fulfills learning urge. Students can reach out to the faculty at any time using the ‘Queries’ option in symphonyX and get instant answers. 


The symphonyX student dashboard shows all the student’s courses for the semester in one place, allowing students to monitor their progress through the semester. Advanced performance metrics per course helps the students plan their upcoming study hours. The student calendar in symphonyX is synchronized with the institute’s academic calendar. Campus events and activities, as well as exam dates, are automatically added to the student calendar. 


At the end of the semester, the feedback from the entire semester provides the students a better retrospective of their performance, and leaves all students satisfied with their grades. With symphonyX, students never miss opportunities coming their way both inside the classroom and outside.


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Admin Interface

Admin work simplified!

The academic administration initiates a classroom based on the registration for the courses being offered for the semester. In the beginning of the semester, course registration data is migrated from institute ERP and classrooms are created. Registered students and assigned faculty are automatically attached to each classroom. This is the minimum skeleton data expected by symphonyX to provide faculty and students interfaces. Academic administration staff can also define lecture/lab/tutorial plans along with room assignments for weekly sessions. Alternately, symphonyX allows the faculty in charge of the respective classrooms to define the schedules as well.


The academic administration can use symphonyX for maintaining the institute’s academic calendar, specifying holidays and institute events, along with schedule durations for exams and grade submission deadlines. symphonyX also allows assignment of extensions on these academic deadlines. All calendar functions can be carried efficiently with a pleasant user experience.

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