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symphonyX Academic campus ERP has been conceptualized as an end-to-end ERP solution for academic institutes. Built around Students Lifecycle at its core, the ‘Academic Campus ERP’ automates Admission process along with Human Resource Management, Procurement & Stores, Financial Accounting, and Campus Administration.


The symphonyX Student Lifecycle provides a process flow to manage study of programs throughout the academic year and its stages, till issuance of degree. Furthermore, it has Fee, Timetable, Placement, Alumni, Hostel and Health Management modules to automate all the activities related to students. The faculty can smoothly manage their academic courses and classroom teaching during the semester using the advanced features available in symphonyX Classroom Learning system which is an inbuilt component of Student Lifecycle. It provides a seamless interface for managing all academic activities & interactions between the faculty & students of each course. 


The Online Admissions platform (TargetX) seamlessly integrated with symphonyX ERP gives a smooth start to the academic journey. It manages the entire admissions cycle. The Students can conveniently apply for admissions without any need of visiting campus. Online Counselling process lets the applicants accept the allocated seat and pay first fee from their portal thus completing their enrollment process with great ease. Furthermore, the institutes facing the challenge of managing admission leads and maximizing their enrollments can use TargetX CRM. Its contemporary, dashboard-based interface lets the counsellors and admission managers nurture leads systematically and bring them to enrollment. It also provides insightful analytics on various lead sources and marketing campaigns and the productivity of the counsellors.


The symphonyX HRMS handles the entire employee journey, from recruitment process to ‘exit’, maintaining all service and payroll records with a comprehensive Payroll suite. Performance Appraisal using the in-built framework in symphonyX provides for a continuous appraisal and awards. The employees get all the information from the HR team on their staff portal and mobile app.


The Financial Accounting System of symphonyX is designed to meet the specific accounting needs of academic institutions. All the financial transactions happening in fee, payroll and procurement automatically get updated in the FA System. The various Financial Reports provide comprehensive fiscal analysis and meet statutory reporting requirements.


The usual activities of acquisition, maintenance and utilization of assets and consumables are facilitated by the Procurement & Stores System of symphonyX, which supports both direct and tender based purchase. The procured items automatically move to the stores where symphonyX is providing the flexibility of maintaining multiple stores as needed. The application continuously monitors the stock levels of consumables and tracks the allocation of all assets.


Furthermore, bundled under Campus Administration, symphonyX provides a wide range of functions related to the general administration of the campus including Campus Security, Litigation Management, Transportation, Health Management, File Circulation and Events, etc.


Student Lifecycle

Student Lifecycle

The symphonyX Student Lifecycle extends beyond Classroom Learning, providing a process flow to manage education programs throughout the academic year and its many stages, till the issuance of the degree. The symphonyX Classroom Learning  focuses on faculty and student interactions during the semester studies. Both together along with the Admissions platform are equivalent to a complete Academic ERP system.


The Student Lifecycle Setup starts with defining infrastructure in various campuses reflecting academic diversity and uploading the faculty details, the students records and the past assessment data. symphonyX supports a comprehensive course credit based curriculum for each program of study, providing complete flexibility in defining assessment plans as per the institute’s evaluation requirements.


For a new academic year, the records of new admissions can be downloaded into symphonyX. The students’ records, including their status in the campus, can be updated at any time. The changes in degree curriculum can be done easily whenever required. The default performance assessment plan at college and department level or course specific assessment can be defined through an extensive framework in symphonyX. A comprehensive framework is provided to measure the learning outcomes for each course/program dynamically. symphonyX also generates annual academic reports to meet all statutory requirements.


While planning for a new semester, symphonyX’s powerful student registration interface helps students select and register for courses, including their preferred faculty and timings for each course. Subsequently, the academic Admin can create classrooms from student’s registration data using built-in web services. As the semester ends, the course grades from a comprehensive assessment plan framework can be captured and the semester’s results can be published. 


At the end of the program, consolidated performance for all the semesters is presented as a Transcript for each student along with the degree certificate with an option for QR code as per the institute’s practice. Students can check degree requirements and their current fulfillment status at any time.




Right from recruitment till relieving of the staff, all activities are done smoothly in the HRMS with the provided web portal and mobile app for staff.


Recruitment starts with a requisition for manpower followed by vacancy posting, applications management, scheduling of interviews and finally generation of job offer letters. The complete profile and service history of staff is maintained under Staff Management.


The Payroll automates the salary generation process, taking into consideration a wide range of variables. Reimbursement claims submitted by staff are also managed by the Payroll system.


An interactive Staff Portal and Mobile App allows employees to download their salary slips, submit reimbursement claims or apply for leave. The performance appraisal form filled by the staff on their portal can be reviewed and evaluated online by the HOD/manager from their portal.  symphonyX provides a digital repository of all the documents to the HR team with a quick search feature. 

Financial Accounting


All the financial transactions taking place in fee, payroll and procurement system of symphonyX are automatically posted in its Financial Accounting System, which provides pre-defined GL Accounts with an option for user defined GL structure. The system also allows creation of need-specific custom vouchers in addition to standard vouchers for posting financial transactions.


symphonyX provides a clear picture of funds utilization, making the planning and control of financial budget an easy task. Through the ‘Budget Control’ option, different types of budgets can be defined and their utilization can be easily tracked.


Any financial investments by the institute are recorded in the FA system, which gives automatic alerts for their maturity dates. All the DD/FDR/BG being received as EMD against tenders floated by the institute are also updated here.


symphonyX provides various Reports and Graph Representations for in-depth understanding of the financial data and statutory reporting.

Procurement and Stores

Procurement and Stores


symphonyX offers a set of modules to automate all the activities of acquisition, maintenance and utilization of assets and consumables.


Procurement: symphonyX supports all channels of procurement viz. Direct procurement, RFP/RFQ, Tendering and Donations/Gifts. The purchase cycle begins with requisition for item by the staff, followed by creation and approval of purchase indent, and finally generation of purchase order. This is further integrated with receiving of items against the order, inspection of items, and payment processing, thus seamlessly culminating in order fulfillment.


Store: symphonX provides the flexibility of maintaining multiple stores for both consumable and non-consumable item stocks. Items are inducted into the store from various channels such as purchase orders, donations or under transfer, and they can be labeled using a customized item labeling notation. The system gives alerts for item stocks reaching re-order level. Essential reports such as Stock Register, Induction Register, etc. can be obtained at any time. 

Campus Administration

Campus Administration


symphonyX automates a wide range of general administrative functions of the campus.


The File Circulation module handles all approvals required in different academic and administrative processes. It tracks the movement of official files through the online approval chain, tagged with comments of approvers.


The Events and Meetings module facilitates creation and scheduling of events or meetings and sends invites to the participants via SMS, email, or through the online portal. The participants can do online registration for events.


The Guest House module lets the students or faculty book rooms for their guests from their portal or mobile app, and pay the guest house bills online.


The comprehensive Transport Management has inbuilt support for Google Maps for bus route planning and an implicit integration with fee module for collecting transport charges. The transportation manager can schedule vehicles for service and plan the duty roster of drivers.


The Campus Security module facilitates generation of gate passes, parking tokens, and maintaining daily logs of visitors.


Add ons

Exam Scheduling: This add-on manages all necessary behind-the-scenes processes for conducting examinations. Date sheets for exams are generated along with the student seating charts and admit cards. The invigilators’ duty roster can also be created. Provision is there to assign paper-setter duties to faculty and collect the prepared question papers through a standard procedure.


Consultancy & Project: This add-on takes care of all the vital aspects of consultancy and sponsored research projects including proposal initiation, budgeting, approval, and project progress tracking and budget utilization reports help in monitoring the project.


Guest House: With this add-on, the structure of the Guest House facility can be defined in detail, allowing easy management of room occupancy. Alumni or faculty can send request for room booking from their portal. Automated billing based on duration of stay and services used along with online bill payment makes the stay a breeze.


Sanction Order & Bill Generation: This add-on provides a standardized process for releasing finances, be it for salary, purchases, or any other kind of expense. Sanction orders can be generated based on sanction points with properties such as specific party type, party amount limit, applicable tax scheme, etc. Upon approval of a sanction order, a bill is generated and subsequently the payment is released.

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